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There are Moments You Remember All Your Live

Quizquestion#4: is the title of a song from what movie?

While our leads are performing in front of the curtain ... Regardless whether you have a major role to play or are just a mere chorus member, there are a hundred little things to organize backstage. It requires an enormous amount of concentration to stay focused all the time, know which costume change comes next, which prop has to be carried where and on what cue line you have to be back on stage. ... members of the chorus set up the next scene. In a professional production you have a whole crew of people who take care of the this. We have neither curtain calls nor stage hands. Whoever is not on stage at that very moment will normally be busy preparing the next scene. This is what makes the performances exhausting and exhilerating at the same time. The only thing that keeps you going is the enormous adrenaline rush that comes with it, and the fact, that you are not alone in all of this. The support and encouragement of the other team members is what carries you through the rough spots. And somehow, magically, in the end it always works out, even if it really seemed impossible to start with.

Ingolstadt's students 
enjoying themselves The acting which has felt so clumsy and akward in the beginning really takes off to new heights in the performances. In the ensemble scenes there is always room for improvisation. The hanging of a murderer played out in slow motion.New little stories inside the story evolve every time we play them, keeping the scenes vivid and alive, creating a new mosaic of small events for the audience to watch.

And just a few more pictures, just to show you how great it all was ;)

Elisabeth visits Viktor in Ingolstadt
Elisabeth visits Viktor in Ingolstadt. I love her costume in that scene and the wonderful drawings Henrike did for Viktor's blackboard.
The creature lurking behind Justine
The creature lurking behind the blind Justine.
Me, dead on the floor.
My personal favorite acting moment: being shot on stage.
The dying Elisabeth
Elisabeth after the creature cut her throat.