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Magic at Work

We present our musicals on the stage of a school auditorium. It is a nice auditorium and quite a few artists use it for their concerts and shows, but it remains a school auditorium. Even with costumes, stage props and everything else in place, it still has the feel of a school stage. This is why we spent quite an amount of money for professional light and sound.

Well trained opera singers are able to sing loud and clear enough to be heard over a full size orchestra, if (and only if) the room is acustically designed to their needs. We are neither professionally trained opera singers nor do we have sufficient acustics in the auditorium, so a sound system with wireless microphone ports is more or less mandatory.

Maybe we could cut some costs on the lighting, but let me show you, what a little blue light and artificial fog (okay, a few thousand Euro worth of blue light and fog) can do to transform a scene:

This is a picture from one of our stage rehearsals. And this is the same scene as it looked with final illumination. You get the idea.

Here are two more examples of the light really adding to the atmosphere:

The light also really helps the acting, because it kind of closes the scene. Once the stage lights are on, you are not able to see the audience or anything beyond the edge of the stage and the scene feels much more realistic.