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Every Story has a Beginning

copyright Sandra KonoldWe start out every new production with one rehearsal per week. At this early stage it is mostly chorus rehearsal. Most of us are able to read some music and some even have a pretty accurate idea what the notes before them are supposed to sound like, but still, since we are not professionals, it takes a while to get the sound form "pretty close" to "pleasing".

About three month later we start having a second rehearsal on another evening of the week, this one for general acting, dancing and later scene rehearsals. While most of us have some experience with music, acting and dancing is a different matter. The first few times we try to play out a scene can feel pretty akward.copyright Sandra Konold

We normally try to have a complete rehearsal weekend as early as possible in the production, which not only gives a lot of momentum to the production in general, but also helps building up team spirit.

Up to here it is all relativly easy going. It is not until we start creating costumes, props and stage elements that the real work (and the real fun) starts.