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Places to Go, Things to See ...

There are thousands of fan videos around in the internet, from very different fandoms. Here are some of my favorites:

The site that got me started on fan videos was: Farscape Fantasy Cool, cool, cool videos from fans of on of the greates SciFi shows ever! They also feature fan art, fan fiction etc. Really worth a visit!

Mary S. Van Deusen is a fan video enthusiast. She has been creating fan videos since the middle of the 80s (real stone age technique here) and even been able to make a profession out of her hobby (she worked as a video editor at IBM labs). She covers Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Buffy, The Professionals, Due South, Sherlock Holmes and some other fandoms you probably never even heard of.

LithiumDoll is active in many fandoms, I first came across her videos at Farscape Fantasies. She is also an artist and a good fan fiction writer. I just totally dig her work; she is my idol as far as fanvidding goes. So check her out.

Stage6 has thousands of fanvids of different fandoms and is of course a great source for material as well, since you can be lucky and find whole serieses (can you say "serieses"? sounds funny ...) online in DivX format.

And of course you all know YouTube. You even find some of my vids there.

Not a vidder as such, this is Bill's site. He is the guy who hosts my videos. He has a nice collection of skycams on his site, as well as a cool quote generator, which will give you random quotes from different fandoms.